Castles Drive Torquay

Castles Drive Torquay was a commercial building project consisting of 10 x precast warehouse’s on a site of over 4000m2. Each warehouse with 200m2 of ground floor space and another 30m2 of office space above.

We poured 138 pre-cast panels following the shop drawing instructions for the location of cast-in plates, ferrules and grout tubes each weighing in at around 8 tonne. once all the panels had been cured, we lifted around 35 panels a day into place onto the strip footings and propped back to the required pad footings, the steel roofing frame and roofing was installed at this point.

Once this was carried out the infill slabs where poured into the 10 warehouses with the underground services in place, followed by the car park and drive way.

Project Featured

  • Large roller doors
  • Large office space
  • Up-coming industrial estate
  • High roof
  • Plenty of parking
  • Disable toilets
  • Great signage
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